Eyelash Extensions are an enhancement of length, curl, density and color of lashes that can dramatically or subtly bring an incredibly flattering look to your everyday- without daily effort. 

I have been trained and certified by the internationally known industry brands, NovaLash several years ago and have since taken additional training, and use  sought-after Borboletta products to creatively bring out the most attractive look for your natural eye shape and desired look. 

  • Lash extensions are the result of soft single or multiple lashes applied to each one of your individual natural lashes, and will naturally fall out as your natural lashes will do, throughout the 28 day growth cycle of lashes. 
  • The first full set will take approximately two hours to apply, and ‘fills’ will be required to maintain the look every 2 – 3 weeks for an hour at a time. 
  • Lash extensions are incredibly beautiful and attractive. They are also a high-maintenance beauty enhancement. B advised that many factors can inhibit the retention of lash extensions such as, oil-based products; salt water, sweat and tears; when not cleaned regularly; some ingredients in makeup and skin care products. 
  •  I specialize in Classic and Hybrid looks, as well as Full Volume. It brings me such joy to bring lash extensions to my practice and often see clients for special occasions or with regularity in many instances: weddings, photography shoots, performance artists, full-time mothers and busy career professionals.