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Lowdown On Lyme

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Clients dealing with hypersensitive skin issues and inflammatory illnesses seek me out for guidance on more natural skincare options to combat long-term symptoms and improve skin’s integrity and appearance. A common illness I see in clients is Lyme disease, which continues to impact more and more outdoorsy folks in Maine and across the United States each year. While Lyme is more common than ever before, it remains vastly underdiagnosed and difficult to treat.

Whether someone is dealing with a chronic or temporary case, relieving the body of stress is
critical to easing the painful symptoms that follow a Lyme diagnosis. Since antibiotics are
commonly prescribed to treat this inflammatory disease, using non-irritating products that
supplement other medical treatments remains pivotal. Getting a facial, investing in gentle skin
products, or detoxifying the body to increase circulation and eliminate toxins are all great
options to ease Lyme symptoms.

As a holistic practitioner, I carry specialty lines like Hale and Hush to treat severe and persistent
skin difficulties using detoxifying treatments. These niche products used in tandem with
hydrating facials or stress relieving practices can calm reactions and facilitate healing beyond
the surface of your skin. From persistent symptoms to irregular flare-ups, the lingering effects of
Lyme manifest differently from person to person.

Depending on when the disease was caught, unpleasant symptoms like painful rashes, sensory
issues, muscle weakness, joint issues, fatigue or even depression can plague people. Taking
care of your skin, staying active, and incorporating practices that calm the skin barrier are all
part of how I help facilitate holistic healing. Gentle massage, hydrating facials, and dry brushing
are all stress relieving solutions that increase skin circulation while promoting the release of

These holistic practices are meant to enhance ongoing medical practices by moving lymph
through the body to keep the bloodstream as clean as possible while easing suffering. My whole
person approach to aesthetic arts and sensitive skin are rooted in restoring balance in my
clients through natural treatments. I help reduce stress and inflammation in my clients lives by
helping keep your skin barrier happy, healthy and healed through all stages of your aesthetics

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